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calmar la ansiedad en perros

Benefits of St. John’s wort for dogs

Although the physical well-being of our pets is essential, it is also important that they maintain good mental health and emotional well-being.   It may not seem like it, but dogs can also suffer from

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cuidar los ojos de mi perro

Take care of your dog’s eyes

Their sight is one of the fundamental senses for dogs, since it helps, especially in the orientation of the animal. In addition, it offers security in their day-to-day life since, if their eyesight is in

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perro comiendo yogurt

Can dogs eat yogurt?

When it comes to our dog’s diet, many questions may arise, all related to the foods that we can give him or those that can be harmful to his health (such as chocolate or onion).

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beneficios de la corteza de sauce

White willow bark and its use in dogs

The good health of a dog is essential for his well-being, and sometimes natural remedies can heal or prevent problems and health issues.   Natural remedies have accompanied us throughout history and sometimes it is

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