Homemade (and healthy) snacks for your dog

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Often, we are invaded by doubts about good snacks for dogs, since some of our food can even be harmful to their health due to sugar, fat or additive content.


If you are one of those dog-owners who spend too much time in dog snack section, looking for the best treat for your furry friend, keep reading this article. You can stop looking in stores and learn to use those healthy food you already have in the fridge and have a home-made snack to share with your dog.


So, read on and don’t miss any of these wonderful snack-ideas.


Why choose homemade snacks for dogs?


The answer is simple, they are often healthier and cheaper. Let us say that a dog-treat is not just a snack in-between but often a reward during training or for good behaviour.


Here is some of our favourite home-made snacks suitable for dogs:


– Carrot: raw or cooked, can be one of the best treats for your dog, in addition to providing great benefits such as promoting hydration, providing extra energy, containing vitamins and minerals and improving the defences, eye health and skin for dogs.


– Meat slices: cooked, boneless, without spices and without frying they can be a good source of animal protein for your dog and will surely be his favourite snack. You can use chicken, turkey, lamb, beef or whatever meat you prefer to give your furry friend.


– Sausage pieces: although this is not exactly homemade, it can in occasions be healthier and less expensive than some of the ultra-processed snacks. Try to use a sausages, as natural as possible, without spices or filling.


– Vegetable puree: a clear example here is baby food, vegetable puree can be used in a toy or even frozen to last longer. Of course, you can also make the puree at home, in that case you should pay attention not to add salt, condiments or additives (such as cheese).


– Boiled egg: this is another great source of protein and one of the favourite snacks of dogs. It is important to cook the egg and give it to the dog without the shell.


– Natural coconut pieces (without sugar): these small snacks are very useful as treats since you can carry them easily and reward good behaviours even when you are away from the kitchen. Coconut has also a high fiber content that can be of benefit for a healthy digestion.


As you can seen, all these snacks are quite healthy for your dog, they help to keep your dog’s mind active and entertained by receiving a variety of different snacks and tastes.


Don´t wait any longer and try some of these snacks with your dog, he will for sure we receptive and happy to try new things and you can be confident to do something good for his wellbeing.

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