How to relax my dog? Physical and mental activity

Day to day activity is vital, in order for the life of our best friend to be fulfilling and healthy. We are not only talking about running, playing or spending time in fresh air, but also stimulants and challenges that activate the mental development of our dog (intelligence games, interaction with other humans and dogs etc.). The principle is the same for humans and animals “mens sana in corpore sano”. Look after the physical exercise of your dog, but also their emotional and mental activity. 

And the canine’s education is particularly useful because it forces him to think, exercising self-control and working alongside his own senses. From the typical “sit, stay, take, release, bring, search” to many other existing games on the market and ideas for home activities that will put our dog’s mind to work.

Obviously, the type of physical activity will be regulated according to age, breed and character of your pet, but, as a guide, it is normal for an adult dog to take at least two daily walks of between 30 or 45 minutes. What would be ideal during this time? Let him run, move freely, smell, explore, investigate, and interact with other dogs. The result? A relaxed and happy dog on arriving home. 

There are some dogs that never seem tired or other times when, due to circumstance, we cannot give him all the activity he needs. For times like this, you can resort to small aids such as durable toys that keep him busy or even a nutritional supplement for dogs such as MOOIZA Zen that helps him find this tranquility in a natural way.

Just like everything else in life, the key is balance. Activity is good for you, the owner, and for your four-legged friend. If we look after his body, he will live longer and better. If we look after his mind, he will be a happier dog, and therefore, we will be happier too.

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