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suplementos nutricionales para perros

Nutritional supplements can be very beneficial, not only for people, but also for pets. Using them as an extra full of nutrients that help keep you healthy as well as reducing and preventing future health issues can be crucial for your dog´s wellbeing and quality of life.


Nutritional complements (or food supplements) can be used to complement the usual meals and customize nutrients according to your dogs breed, age, activity, and health condition.


The type of supplement you should choose is individual to every case and depends on the dog’s state of health, age and the breed. You should look for those nutritional complements that are high-quality and most suitable according to the pets “weak points” and specific needs.


For example, for senior dogs a good choice might be a chondroprotector. The years go by and the signs of ageing are more noticeable and annoying for your furry friend. It takes him more effort to move, he might suffer from joint and mobility problems and loses agility and strength. In this stake, we recommend a product like Mooiza flex to care for the dog’s joints and mobility, alleviate inflammation and delay these signs that are so characteristic of and advanced age.


If your dog has sensitive eyes, intense tearing or frequent eye inflammation, this can be due to his breeds DNA and happens quite often in breeds with big and exposed eyes (like bulldogs or chihuahuas). It is recommendable to use nutritional supplements such as Mooiza opti to strengthen the eye health as a prevention.


In addition to all this, it is important that you take maximum care of your dog’s diet with complete meals, adapted to their breed, age, physical activity and specific health needs. By a good basic feed, you will certainly be able to prevent many of the problems that may arise as the animal grows and gets older.


Increasingly frequent are pets (especially dogs and cats) that suffer from food intolerances. Among the most frequent we can see intolerance to gluten or chicken and if you detect that your dog suffers from recurrent diarrhea, gases, or intestinal discomfort, get the advice from your veterinarian so find the origin of the problems and detect if it is due to food intolerance.


In addition to that, you can optimize your dog’s diet together with a dog nutritionist to adapt it 100% to his needs and, by this, improve his quality of life and prevent him from food-related health issues.


All this, complemented with the best nutritional supplements specific for dogs, can be a great ally for an enduring well-being and health of your furry friend. So now you know, start complementing your dog’s meals with those essential nutrients your best friend might be missing in his diet.

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