Can dogs eat yogurt?

perro comiendo yogurt

When it comes to our dog’s diet, many questions may arise, all related to the foods that we can give him or those that can be harmful to his health (such as chocolate or onion).


Although you may think that animals cannot eat human food, this is not always true. Although it is true that the vast majority of foods designed for humans are not suitable or at least insufficient to offer a healthy and balanced diet to your dog. Our recommendation is to have a complete and specific diet for your dog (kibble for example) as a basic daily food. In addition to your dog’s usual food, you have many options to complement the menu, either with specific nutritional supplements (such as Mooiza) or with some normal “human” foods.


This is the case of yogurt, something that we often believe cannot be given to a dog but that, in controlled amounts and, of course, without aromas or sugars (100% natural) can even provide benefits for his health:


– Yogurts contain probiotics, vitamins and natural proteins.

– Yogurts can contribute positively to the canine intestinal microbiota.

– It can be used to make ice cream for dogs.

– Can be used after antibiotic treatment to help rebuild the microbiota.


As you can see, feeding your dog natural yoghurt can be fun and even beneficial, especially at specific moments in his life.


How much yogurt can my dog have


One of the big questions that comes to mind when talking about these issues is what amount of yogurt is appropriate? Well, you should know that the quantities are always indicative, since there could be dogs that do not tolerate well lactose or that simply do not like yogurt.


In general, a tablespoon a day for small dogs or half a yogurt for large dogs can be an adequate amount. You can do this several days a week, but always checking how the animal reacts to the food.


We recommend that you introduce new foods little by little to his meals, so that the change is not too sudden. You can also use yogurt as a stuffing for toys (such as Kong or Liquimats), mix it with other ingredients (chicken, pieces of fruit or carrot) and prepare it fresh or even freeze it for more fun.


Finally, let me tell you that you can use perfectly natural yogurt without sugar or flavouring perfectly from the supermarket for your furry friend, but there are also yogurt products made specifically for dogs and cats if you prefer.

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