Take care of your dog’s eyes

cuidar los ojos de mi perro

Their sight is one of the fundamental senses for dogs, since it helps, especially in the orientation of the animal. In addition, it offers security in their day-to-day life since, if their eyesight is in perfect condition, they are able to get ahead of obstacles and possible dangers that may appear.


That is why making sure that our furry friend has perfect eyesight is fundamental, since their well-being must be a maxim in our lives. Therefore, you should know how to take care of their eye health so that they can live as long as possible with this sense in perfect conditions.


As well, we have to mention  that there are some breeds that are more sensitive than others to suffer from certain eye pathologies that can be quite annoying. Among these breeds, those with large and bulging eyes, such as the chihuahua, French bulldog…


On the other hand, there are many reasons that can cause a dog’s eyes to suffer from some type of problem, such as dirt, foreign bodies, allergies or an infection or conjunctivitis.


To try to minimize the possibility of this type of infection occurring, it is essential to take into account the following aspects:


  • Keep a good hygiene of the dog’s eyes (without touching the inside to avoid irritation or dirt getting inside)
  • Provide adequate nutrients for the pet
  • Take your dog to the vet on time.
  • Use specific moisturizing eye-drops for dogs if the eye is very dry (it is always recommendable to see your vet before applying any product to the eye).


Of these four elements we would like to highlight good nutrition, since it is the least known for its benefits in eye health. Taking care of your dog’s diet from puppy-age will make him grow healthy and strong and be less likely to develop health problems.


The fundamental foods that you should think about including in his diet and that contribute to taking care of his eyes are: Omega-3, beta-carotene (found in carrots, beetroot,…), and other less common ones such as marigold flowers, moringa, skullcap…


You should also know that at Mooiza we have a specific supplement for eye care. We call it Mooiza opti and it’s made from salmon-oil, beetroot, marigold flowers, rosemary oil and other essential ingredients that help keep your dog’s eyes in perfect condition. There is no time to lose, start today to take care of your dogs eye health with good care and a lot of #LoveMooiza.

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