Why playing with dogs is important?

Active playing is something inherited in dogs, and it is important to stimulate their playfulness, not only when they are puppies but throughout their whole live.   You should know that, for a dog, playing has physical, social and mental aspects and all of them are important for their development and well-being.   In the […]

Green-lipped mussel, beneficial for joints and cartilage

The natives of New Zealand, the origin of the green-lipped mussel, have benefited from its extraordinary properties since the 1970s, although they have only been introduced to the western world in recent years and are undoubtedly a discovery. Today, these mussels are farmed in the waters of the Marlborough Sounds, Golden & Tasman Bays, and […]

Benefits of St. John’s wort for dogs

calmar la ansiedad en perros

Although the physical well-being of our pets is essential, it is also important that they maintain good mental health and emotional well-being.   It may not seem like it, but dogs can also suffer from disorders, fears and anxiety (just like people) and that is why we must be aware of all those signs that […]

Take care of your dog’s eyes

cuidar los ojos de mi perro

Their sight is one of the fundamental senses for dogs, since it helps, especially in the orientation of the animal. In addition, it offers security in their day-to-day life since, if their eyesight is in perfect condition, they are able to get ahead of obstacles and possible dangers that may appear.   That is why […]

Can dogs eat yogurt?

perro comiendo yogurt

When it comes to our dog’s diet, many questions may arise, all related to the foods that we can give him or those that can be harmful to his health (such as chocolate or onion).   Although you may think that animals cannot eat human food, this is not always true. Although it is true […]

White willow bark and its use in dogs

beneficios de la corteza de sauce

The good health of a dog is essential for his well-being, and sometimes natural remedies can heal or prevent problems and health issues.   Natural remedies have accompanied us throughout history and sometimes it is a wise choice to start with natural products before using pharma products right away with any problem. Not every health […]

Nutritional supplements, special care for your dog

suplementos nutricionales para perros

Nutritional supplements can be very beneficial, not only for people, but also for pets. Using them as an extra full of nutrients that help keep you healthy as well as reducing and preventing future health issues can be crucial for your dog´s wellbeing and quality of life.   Nutritional complements (or food supplements) can be […]

Homemade (and healthy) snacks for your dog

snacks para perros

Often, we are invaded by doubts about good snacks for dogs, since some of our food can even be harmful to their health due to sugar, fat or additive content.   If you are one of those dog-owners who spend too much time in dog snack section, looking for the best treat for your furry […]