The benefits of owning a dog

Having a pet can be a great relief, especially for people who spend more time alone, whether due to lifestyle, medical reasons or their family situation.   A dog can be a great friend and companion that keeps you company, that forces you to go for a walk with him, play with him in a […]

How to relax my dog? Physical and mental activity

Day to day activity is vital, in order for the life of our best friend to be fulfilling and healthy. We are not only talking about running, playing or spending time in fresh air, but also stimulants and challenges that activate the mental development of our dog (intelligence games, interaction with other humans and dogs […]

Nutritional supplements, special care for your dog

suplementos nutricionales para perros

Nutritional supplements can be very beneficial, not only for people, but also for pets. Using them as an extra full of nutrients that help keep you healthy as well as reducing and preventing future health issues can be crucial for your dog´s wellbeing and quality of life.   Nutritional complements (or food supplements) can be […]